Movens Capital


  • Mjablc


  • Yaroslav Krempovych

    Yaroslav Krempovych

    VC Associate / PhD Candidate / constructive naysayer

  • Wojtek Pyrak

    Wojtek Pyrak

    Amateur tennis player, Machine Learning Engineer at Tidio, gamer. Always happy to chat about the topics mentioned above.

  • Maciej Tomaka

    Maciej Tomaka

  • Michael Zabinski

    Michael Zabinski

    entrepreneur | language enthusiast | founder of an internet marketing and branding agency @naneiagency and financial consultancy @bohomi

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez

  • Ana Wolsztajn

    Ana Wolsztajn

    Brand Storyteller | ex-Tech Journo @ | Contributor @ Startup Sesame | Included.VC Alumna | VC @ KAYA.VC | Coffee Geek, Sci-Fi Nerd & Travel Foodie |

  • Leszek Orlowski

    Leszek Orlowski

    investment director @ bValue.VC — investing in seed and early stage in Central Europe

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